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The company was born in Cape Town out of very humble beginnings early in 2000 by servicing many domestic gardens and operating as a Sole Proprietor. Due to growth and expansion we had to change to a different legal entity hence Cocopan Pty Ltd was formed, with a permanent staff compliment of 20 employees and a further 25 contract workers we have evolved into a key role player within the industry.


Key Staff Members:


Elizabeth and Andrew Engel are the founding members of the Company, after many years in the corporate environment they decided to pursue a lifelong dream of owning and operating a business within the Green Industry, hence The Company was born. As founding members they are still very active in the day to day running.


Operations & Sales Manager:

Paul Nathan joined in 2010 after the first major tender was awarded to Cocopan. He has accumulated over 20 years in managing the various aspects of business operations.


Project Manager:

Gareth Brown joined in November 2013 after growth and expansion, and has over 15 year experience in project management.



Joseph Kanyayi joined in October 2013 after our previous horticulturist left, having graduated in 2005 he has gained over 9 years’ experience in various aspects of the business.


Company Vision and Mission:

  • To become an Employer of Choice and to be admired amongst our peers.
  • To empower our crew and encourage growth and opportunity.
  • To ensure we offer our customers exceptional service.
  • To employ people from impoverished communities to assist with poverty eradication.
  • To beautify and clean our environment.

To encourage the use of organic products and consistently adapt to a changing environment.